Summer Internships

Summer Internship Blog is a dedicated space for second-year Master of Public Affairs and Master of Global Policy Studies students at the LBJ School to share their experiences interning in a variety of capacities for a diverse array of governmental agencies, non-profits, and non-government organizations.

We have a school of Public Affairs offering training for careers in public service, which will try to produce thinkers and doers: people who dream of progress and will try to turn those dreams into achievements. -Lyndon B. Johnson, May 22, 1971. 

It is our hope that the students who graduate from the LBJ School will be the thinkers and doers of our society, taking leadership roles in public service, demonstrating what it means to take your dreams and turn them into achievements. This blog will serve as a window into the work and lives of several students who are striving to do just that.

Every two weeks, the bloggers will respond to a question, statement or idea, drawing on their current experiences as an intern and their various specializations in an effort to educate readers about the worlds of public affairs and public policy.

Featured Posts

wordpress-forum2Strengthening Women’s Economic Entrepreneurship in Mongolia

Robbie Paras (MGPS, 2014 Crook Fellow) worked for The Asia Foundation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to advance women’s economic empowerment in business and in the agricultural sector.

A caregiver survey, designed with input from the Ministry of Education, is an important part of the evaluation. Here, Mauricio Argueta interviews a young mother in Western El Salvador.Monitoring and Evaluation at Save the Children

John Dinning (MPAff, 2014 Crook Fellow) worked for Save the Children in El Salvador, monitoring early childhood care and development programs that address the needs of young children and their caregivers affected with HIV/AIDS.

MapLayersMaking Maps for Data Driven Decisions

Amelia Pittman (MGPS, 2014 Pickle Fellow) worked for the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) in the Global Health Bureau at USAID in Washington D.C., learning how to make and use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps based on development data to answer questions about where to best allocate resources on a global scale.

Photo taken by Daniel MayerThank Goodness for Auditors!

Michael Gaudini (MPAff) worked on performance audits and investigations at the Office of City Auditors in Austin, Texas informing both the Austin City Council and the public about the municipal government’s efficiency and effectiveness as they deal with “Big City” issues such as traffic and public education.

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